Gardenia Jasminoides

230 AED


Gardenia Jasminoides plant is sold with a pot.

Gardenia Jasminoides plant has dark green leaves and extremely fragrant and beautiful white flowers.

When growing a Gardenia indoors, you must keep in mind that it requires bright light and high humidity. Indoor gardenias should not be placed in direct sun, but in a room that gets plenty of bright, indirect light. Gardenias don’t like to dry out, so keep their soil moist but not soggy.  (Never let them stand in water!) During the winter, the plant may use less water due to decreased evaporation from heat and sunlight, so you can cut back some on watering, letting the top half inch of soil dry out before you give your plant a drink.

Pay attention here!  If the temperatures aren’t right, your Gardenias will drop their buds in protest.  Daytime temperatures that suit humans are just fine for Gardenias. At night, though, they much prefer a temperature ranging from 50-55°F. Avoid drafty locations near windows or doors, which can cause swings in humidity and temperature.

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