Gardenia Peonies

105 AED


Gardenia Peonies are sold in bunches of 10

Gardenia Peonies start as a pink bud, but, once in bloom, develop large, ivory white flowers. In addition, they have a marvelous fragrance.

Gardenia is one of the most popular peony varieties on the market.

Peonies are very sensitive to sunlight and need cool temperatures to thrive. They should be kept out of direct sun and the A/C should be running all day & all night now that the weather is warm. It is recommended to keep them in the fridge overnight if possible.

Mayflower Market flowers are sold in bunches as indicated above and wrapped in brown paper, tied with raffia (very much similar to flowers purchased from a street vendor or market in Europe) and delivered to you ready to pop into your favorite vase & brighten up your home or workspace.

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