Gypsophila (aka) Baby’s Breath

125 AED


Gypsophila are sold in a big bunch (approx. 20-25 stems)

The stems of some Gypsophila can become easily entwined easily and they can be damaged if not separated carefully. To untangle the stems, hold them upside down, and gently shake them up and down to loosen and separate.


Gypsophila are prone to Bacterial contamination of the vase solution. This plugs the stem ends and causes the flower-food solution to become smelly rapidly so change the flower-food solution, wash the containers with hot water and soap, and recut the stems every other day. To help slow this contamination, place Gypsophila stems into a bleach solution (1/4 teaspoon, per litre of water).

Gypsophila can be air dried by placing it upright in an empty vase or hanging it upside down in a cool, dry, dark, well-ventilated environment.

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