Miranda David Austin Roses

220 AED


Miranda David Austins are sold in bunches of 10 

Spectacular rose-pink blooms made up of around 120 wavy petals, perfectly arranged to form beautiful, almost flat rosettes. The outer petals have a lovely streaked green effect, reminiscent of a parrot tulip. As the bloom opens, the outer petals gradually lighten in color and turn back, eventually becoming hidden. There is a delicate, fruity fragrance. Choose Miranda for the large blooms, the vase life, for exceptional reliability, and for its natural, cottage garden charm.

Scent rating: 3

When you receive the David Austin, it will most likely not be what you expected! We try hard to preserve these flowers in their bud stage. However, David Austin roses tend to open quickly. In case you receive them closed, and looking like a very ordinary rose, you will have the most satisfying experience of watching them bloom into the ultimate garden rose. In case you receive them slightly, or fully bloomed, not to fret! This is not an indication of their freshness. Just bear in mind that they open up quickly and their vase life is calculated from the time they are in full bloom.


It is best to leave the guard petals on, unlike ordinary roses. As the garden rose blooms, the guard petal will roll up and hide under the next petals, creating a little pillow for the rest of the petals to rest on.

David Austin Roses are wrapped in brown paper, tied with raffia, and delivered to you ready to pop into your favorite vase & brighten up your home or workspace.

Purchase additional bunches, wrapped together, for a bigger bouquet.

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