Pink Sarah Bernhardt Peonies

105 AED


Pink Sarah Bernhardt Peonies are sold in bunches of 10

Sarah Bernhardt is by far the best known and most loved peony in the world.

Peonies open very quickly and this is normal. These beautiful flowers are not long lasting and please do not buy if you want a long lasting flower. If you are unhappy with your peonies, please let us know immediately within the same day. Due to the sensitive nature of these flowers and the warm climate we live in, complaints will not be accepted beyond first day or for peonies transported by private car or left for collection with building reception, outside the door, etc.

Please keep in mind that your flowers are a product of nature and every stem of flower is different. Some buds bloom faster and some are a little slower to bloom. If your Sarah Bernhardt peonies have a bit of difficulty opening, it can help to add a little sugar or 7Up to the water.

Peonies are very sensitive to sunlight and need cool temperatures to thrive. They should be kept out of direct sun and the A/C should be running all day & all night now that the weather is warm. It is recommended to keep them in the fridge overnight if possible.

Mayflower Market flowers are sold in bunches as indicated and wrapped in brown paper, tied with raffia (very much similar to flowers purchased from a street vendor or market in Europe) and delivered to you ready to pop into your favorite vase & brighten up your home or workspace.

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