Tangerine Marigold

130 AED


Marigolds are sold in a bunch of 15

Marigolds are a hardy vase flower, but they do require a certain amount of care to maintain their freshness as long as possible.

1. They are especially susceptible to early wilting if exposed to drafts or excessive heat, so they should be kept away from air vents, fans, radiators, television sets and windows exposed
to full sun.

2. Since marigolds stripped of their foliage depend solely on their stems for water and food, it is important to check water levels daily. When adding water to an arrangement, mix it with flower food.

3. Marigolds treated in this way should
have a long vase life of a week or more.H

Mayflower Market flowers are sold in bunches as indicated above and wrapped in brown paper, tied with raffia (very much similar to flowers purchased from a street vendor or market in Europe) and delivered to you ready to pop into your favorite vase & brighten up your home or workspace.

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