Yellow Kangaroo Paws

110 AED


Kangaroo Paws are sold in bunches of 10

Ensure you have a vase enough to support their stems.

Kangaroo paws originate from Australia as a common weed. The flower industry has adopted this Australian pest as florist favorite and breeders have developed new colors like white & pink. Anigozanthos can last up to 3 weeks if cared for properly, but they can also be dried. The flowers will open at the tip of the bud, but won’t last long. Try to recut the kangaroo paw stems a couple of times a week to ensure the longest possible vase life.

Care & Conditioning:

  • Cut about 1-2 inches off each of the stems.
  • Kangaroo paw is ethylene sensitive.
  • Allow the stems to remain in the preservative filled water at room temperature for at least 5 hours to hydrate.
  • Use a small bit of bactericide, like bleach, in the water to prevent blockage.
  • Kangaroo paws are perfect for drying.

Mayflower Market flowers are sold in bunches as indicated above and wrapped in brown paper, tied with raffia (very much similar to flowers purchased from a street vendor or market in Europe) and delivered to you ready to pop into your favorite vase & brighten up your home or workspace.

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